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Dr. Rosalinda Go

Chair of the Montreal Chinese Hospital Ball

It takes a great team to produce a wow event. Besides our dedicated and experienced volunteers, this year we are doing things differently and I hope you will be dazzled by the food, the decor, entertainment and all-round experience, presented by JPM Marketing Solutions, headed by Jean-Paul Mouradian and his sister Tania Mouradian.

Our Forbidden City theme evokes the grandeur of a very rich period in Chinese history. Come and see what it will do for you in our outstanding Windsor Station venue.

While you are having fun, your conscience will be eased knowing that you are supporting the Montreal Chinese Hospital through its Foundation and bringing comfort to the Chinese and Southeast Asian residents of our truly unique Hospital. It is so unique that we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of our Hospital! So please join us in this one-of-a-kind celebration gala on November 17, 2018.


这么伟大的团队举办了这样wow的活动。除了我们的敬业和丰富经验的志愿者外,今年我们会有改变。我希望您会被这次食物,装饰,娱乐和全方面的体验感到耳目一新。这次是由Jean Paul Mouradian和他姐姐Tanya Mouradian带领的JPM市场团队倾情制作的。我们的紫禁城主题呼唤起了中国历史上非常宏伟的时期。来感受一下我们出色的Windsor Station带给您的体验。当您玩的开心的时候,您的内心会因了解您是在支持蒙特利尔中华医院的慈善事业和真正能让中国人和东南亚人有归属感的医院而澎湃。在这样激动人心的时刻,让我们普天同庆中华医院100周年生日,诚挚邀请大家一起来参加我们于2018年11月17日举办的庆祝晚会。

Raymond Tsim

Co-Chair of the Montreal Chinese Hospital Ball

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the 28th annual Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation Ball under the theme of The Forbidden City. This celebration will mark the 100th anniversary of the hospital’s history. Founded in 1918 by the Sisters of Immaculate Conception, the hospital has since established itself as a symbol and a beacon of hope for the greater Montreal Asian community.

We hope that you will join us for this historic moment and help us raise funds to continue our support for the many services offered by the hospital. Twenty four years ago I was one of the youngest member at the foundation board. Now I am happy to see young people of diversified communities get involve, and that gives me hope that we will continue the work started by the Foundation in 1972.

The Hospital is a haven for our elderly patients and with the aging population will be called upon to answer more demands in the near future. We sincerely thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you at centennial festivity. One hundred years of care, compassion and heart deserves, and will be celebrated with pomp and circumstance.

Dare to Dream and Dream to Dare! - Happy Anniversary to the Montreal Chinese Hospital!













Martin Liu

President of the Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation

Our Annual Foundation Ball is just around the corner. This year, we celebrate an important milestone for the Montreal Chinese Hospital, its 100th anniversary. 100 years in a life of person is a long way, 100 years in a medical institution like the Chinese Hospital is only a beginning. Under the theme of Forbidden City, join us in reliving the history of the Middle Kingdom at its seat of power where the Chinese Emperors lived.

More than 600 guests including celebrities from the social, political and business worlds of Canada and China will be in attendance during this signature evening. The Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation Ball is undoubtedly the most coveted event in the Chinese and Asian community, enabling professionals and businesses to develop strong business relationships while supporting the needs of the Montreal Chinese Hospital residents.

If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute, you may do so here.


中华医院基金会一年一度的筹款晚宴近在眼前,今年是蒙特利尔中华医院成立100周年的重要里程碑。  人生100年是漫长的道路,  但像中华医院这样的医疗机构,100年却只是一个开始。 在紫禁城的主题下,让我们一起身临其境,探索中国古老帝王国都的魅力。


如果今年您无法出席晚宴, 可在这里先上您的一份爱心。